Privacy Policy

This page is about storing user data, and sharing with third parties

The site has a user registration system, aiming at a better experience in the use of text materials, making it possible to annotate and mark text, as well as record of what was read from the content, in order to: 1. resume where the reading stopped the last time the content was opened for that person and; 2. provide administrators site and authors anonymous data of readings performed. Your identity will never be transmitted to any other user of the site.

Your data is stored on Google servers, through the Firebase service (more specifically the services of Authentication, Firestore Database, and storage of Storage files), which has its own privacy policies as that link . Google is disallowed to use visitor data in any tool analytics, such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and their ad services.

Our website uses Cookies for the purpose of storing which language is selected for displaying the content, and according to the use of the system of CloudFlare Web Analytics , whose main characteristic is its focus on privacy.

We use the Cloudflare system to deliver content and files on the website, which you end up having access to your IP data and other information about your browser. In this link you will find policies Cloudflare privacy policy.

Any service providers listed here are unauthorized to sell the collected information.