Our perspective

We launched the publisher in 2021 to bring together more people interested in scientific publications in the field of design, which are accessible and special attention to digital.

Guiding criteria for the future of Editora Sabiá

Editora Sabiá was born aware of its flight path. Below we present the ideas that guide our trip:


We intend to mentor authors who wish to publish on Sabiá, to adapt the content already produced to the publishing guidelines of the Publisher.


We want to form a flock of Sabiá.Contact us if you want to support Sabiá in any way.You can be a volunteer or support us financially in order to promote the growth and dissemination of Editora Sabiá to new airs.

International perspective

Editora Sabiá is already born an international publisher, interested in making connections between authors from different countries.For this reason, our magazines have an editorial board from several locations, and we are always looking for projects with this perspective.

Collaborative publications

We will curate texts and encourage authors to produce specific collaborative publications for Sabiá.
Feel free to contact us at any time during our fist phase of operations, sending us publishing suggestions and ideas. We are looking really forward to bring those projects to light.