We are a new publishing house and have just started our operations. Do you relate to the proposal of a digital, accessible publisher? Get in touch with us and let’s publish your work in the most appropriate way to promote it.

During this launching phase, we are looking for:

Books with depth and accessible to people

We seek books that present deep reflections on the design field and are accessible to people. We are in the constant search for cost and resources optimization in order to bring transformative content to the largest number of people around the world.

Well-built and edited books, whether digital, printed or audio-book

We believe that there are still unexplored spaces in digital publication, and because of that we have developed an interactive and innovative way of reading in the browser. Yet, we did not give up the printed books! After all, what matters is that the book must be published and accessible to as many people as possible. And that's what we're here for!

Journals hosting

Do you have a magazine that still offers PDF format articles? We are developing a platform integrated with OJS, but with the best content distribution format.

Check out what we have done for our partner Semeiosis . How about talking about migrating your magazine to our environment?

Conferences Proceedings

Publishing proceedings online is already part of the academic culture. Fortunately! If you are looking for an open and advanced platform to publish the proceedings of your conferences and academic events, talk to us!

Financing strategies

There are several ways to enable books on our platform, and the main ones we have today prepared are:

Open Access Books

For the publication of Open Access books, there must be an initial investment for publishing and making available the material, and may use research financing funds when any.

Unpublished works

We are looking for new projects to publication on our exclusive digital platform. We also offer the possibility of printing when it makes sense for the editorial project. Unpublished works will also be sold on our website.


For special projects, the book can be financed through the crowdfunding model, where everyone can contribute and receive rewards.

Sabiá Investment

There will be cases in which Sabiá will invest in specific publications, which will be fully aligned with our purpose and value proposition.


Sabiá is open to partnering with public and private initiatives, in addition to educational institutions.The criteria for publishing partnership and institutional projects is based on the quality of the proposed content and the dissemination of knowledge.