Publish with us

We are a new publishing house and have just started our operations. Do you relate to the proposal of a digital, accessible publisher? Get in touch with us and let’s publish your work in the most appropriate way to promote it.

During this launching phase, we are looking for:

100% Digital Books

We are a digital publisher. That’s our principle. But if you still want your book to be printed, we surely have nice recommendations to you! If you already have your book printed, and want to publish it digitally, in a completely different way than what is already offered in the market, contact us. We will be happy to talk to find the best solution for your book to reach new audiences in the digital universe.

Journals hosting

Does your journal still publish pdf articles? We have been developing a platform integrated to OJS, but with a better content distribution. Contact us and let’s talk about migrating your journal to our environment.

Conferences Proceedings

Publishing proceedings online is already part of the academic culture. Fortunately! If you are looking for an open and advanced platform to publish the proceedings of your conferences and academic events, talk to us!

Financing strategies

There are several ways to enable books on our platform, and the main ones we have today prepared are:

Open Access Books

For publishing Open Access books, there should be an initial investment for editing and making it available. Research funding can be used when available.

Unpublished Works

Soon, there will be the possibility of selling digital books on our platform. This option is reserved for unpublished works, which will be designed and made available 100% in digital format, with access released upon acquisition.


For special projects, the book can be financed through the crowdfunding model, where everyone can contribute and receive rewards.

Sabiá Investment

There will be cases in which Sabiá will invest in specific publications, which will be fully aligned with our purpose and value proposition.


Sabiá is open to partnering with public and private initiatives, in addition to educational institutions.The criteria for publishing partnership and institutional projects is based on the quality of the proposed content and the dissemination of knowledge.